Industry expectations for the skills and knowledge of U.C.C.A graduates are expressed in our courses and qualifications. Engaging with industry stakeholders (such as employers and industry associations) is critical to ensuring our training and assessment is aligned to current methods, technology, products and performance expectations for the workplace tasks specified in our training material.

To provide training relevant to employers and to maximise students’ opportunities for employment, advancement or further education, U.C.C.A. has developed a range of strategies to engage with relevant industry stakeholders. We engage with industry stakeholders to establish appropriate contexts, methods, resources and trainers and assessors to deliver training and to conduct assessment.

Ultimately this ensures that employers, industry and students have confidence in the integrity, currency and value of the qualifications issued by U.C.C.A.

Monitoring the implementation of our strategies and practices ensure U.C.C.A’s. training continues to meet industry needs, particularly in areas where technology and/or techniques change rapidly:

Continue the engagement and seek feedback about how we provided training and assessment, including feedback on the resources used for both training and assessment.
Confirm industry’s ongoing expectations for current industry skills and knowledge of trainers and assessors.

We document U.C.C.A’s. engagement strategies and activities to demonstrate the alignment between industry needs and your strategies, resources and practices.