U.C.C.A. is first and foremost a learning institution driven by great teachers who happen to be great technologists.
Welcome to Online Learning. Welcome to U.C.C.A.
U. C. C. A. is a privately held educational corporation based in Delaware.
We operate online learning institutions across America, our expertise spans educational design, research, development, delivery and assessment tools.
We maintain inhouse a product development team dedicated to translating our educational content into web ready eLearning products covering the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, learning and development programs.
U. C. C. A. is a leader in online learning, skills validation and assessment.
Our courses and qualifications which are delivered via U. C. C. A’s. proprietary online platforms have been designed from the ground up to educate, inform, assess and graduate students with qualification that are current, valid and most importantly, aligned with industry needs and skill expectations.
U.C.C.A. specialize in making quality learning accessible to all students, all of whom will ultimately play a critical role in fuelling innovation and driving productivity in this great country.
By ensuring their future success, through teaching the skills they need, in a time and manor that suits their individual learning capacities, we at U.C.C.A. strive to ensure our graduates are second to none, equipped to create a positive and thoughtful future for all.